Reverse Engineering Challenge

Feed the Magical Goat

Once upon a time, there was a little reverse engineer who found a special bell.  When the bell was struck, they say a magical billy goat appeared looking for food.  Everyone knows billy goats will eat anything, but this is all the little reverse engineer had lying around.

.Inorganic .Magical objects .Organic .Sources of infinite energy
Bottle: P Newt: n Grass: , Bunny with a drum: B
Broom: h Old Wise Owl: W Leaf: u Capillary bowl: c
Can: @ Potion: p Plant: ; Dipping bird: r
Rug: _ Wizard’s Staff: | Seed: . Perpetual motion device: H

Figure out how to feed and please the billy goat using the 16 items listed here. You only have one of each.

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